Save Kitty!

Electric Trip Boat Replacement

Save Kitty


Basingstoke Canal Society is looking to replace Kitty, the old diesel trip boat based at Town Wharf, Woking, with a new electric boat.
She will accommodate 12 passengers, have wheelchair access, a toilet and kitchenette.
Some of the funding is hoped to come from Surrey County Council, and you can show your support for their application by visiting Your Fund Surrey.
The address of the project page can be found below.
They already have support from more than 700 people, but the more support they have, the more likely they are to get the funding they need.

Link: Your Fund Surrey  Tell your friends!

What location are you identifying for investment?

Kitty 2 Mooring at Town Wharf, Brewery Road

Approximately, how much money do you think you would need from Your Fund Surrey for this project?

£10,000 - £250,000

Which of Surrey’s Community Vision 2030 priorities does your suggestion address?

Everyone lives healthy and fulfilling livesCommunities are welcoming and supportiveResidents live in clean, safe and green areas

What specifically are you proposing for this space?

A new Electric Canal Boat to replace an old diesel boat which has limited access

What issue in the area is your idea tackling?

environmental, help for the less mobile, leisure and getting back to nature

Does this project have a website where further details about it can be found?

Have you discussed your ideas in any public social media space? Please provide details

facebook@basingstokecs. ~canalsocietyy insta=basingstoke-canal-society

If others in your area are interested in a similar project can we pass on your details?


New Electric Kitty 2 Donation Page:  
Basingstoke Canal Society homepage: