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Letter from Stephen M. Child, Local Transportation Director, SCC (01-09-03):
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As part of a programme of meetings with Communities in the Woking area the Local Transportation Service has arranged the first forum in Brookwood. The Local Transportation Service is the local representation of the Surrey County Council Transport Authority and the attached data sheet describes its functions.

The Local Transportation Service Woking, invites you to come and voice your concerns about transportation in your locality. The Brookwood Memorial Hall has been booked for Tuesday 23rd September 2003 and the forum will be organised as two duplicate sessions for maximum convenience of those wishing to attend and take part. The forum will be organised as follows: -

1400   Welcome and introduction of Local Transportation Service
1415   Local Transportation Service highlights known local issues
1430   Open discussion
1530   Tea and chat
1600   Finish

1900   Welcome and introduction of Local Transportation Service
1915   Local Transportation Service highlights known local issues
1930   Open discussion
2030   Tea and chat
2100   Finish

To assist with the organisation of the forum it would be helpful, but not essential, if you could advise the Local Transportation Service of your likely attendance.

If you have any queries about the forum or any other issues please contact us on 01483 518300 or e-mail

Yours faithfully
Stephen M. Child
Local Transportation Director, Woking


Surrey County Council is the Transport Authority responsible for all transportation matters, such as, maintaining and improving roads and public transport. A Local Committee consisting of both County and Borough Councillors represents Surrey locally. The Local Transportation Service works to this committee responding to customer needs and undertaking work programmes to maximise benefit to the local community. Services delivered locally can be described as follows: -

Maintenance: Drainage - gully cleaning, highway flooding
Signs and road markings -renewal, cleaning
Winter Maintenance - Pre-salting, snow clearance
Environmental Maintenance - Overgrown vegetation, weed control, tree cutting, tree maintenance
Street Lighting
Major Maintenance Schemes - Carriageway renewal
Traffic Lights
Emergencies: Road traffic accidents, residual clearing
Fencing and barriers
Surface deterioration e.g. potholes
Streetworks management
Integrated Transport: Signs -new and replacements
Pedestrian crossings
Speed management - appraisals
Road safety - Accident Working Group with Surrey Police
Safe routes to school
Street light improvements
Improvement schemes to maximise safety and user convenience
Footway improvements
Public transport development - bus boarders, Real Time Passenger Information
Customer Service: Vehicle crossovers
Skip and scaffolding licences
Road closures
Response to enquiries - public and Councillors
Co-ordination with Statutory Undertakers
Illegal signs
Traffic orders
Also: Bus services
Highway structures
On street parking
Development Control (LTS liaison)
Rights of Way (LTS liaison)