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Guidelines for advertising in the Brookwood Newsletter

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Thank you for expressing an interest in advertising in the newsletter. We hope these guidelines will be useful to you.
750 colour copies of the newsletter are printed each month and delivered to every home in Brookwood and to a small area of the army camp. 
In addition newsletters may be collected from the station and the Post Office in the village.

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1 How much advertising space is there?

We have one sponsor – currently Seymour’s – and they have a box on the front page of the newsletter. In addition, we will reserve spaces for up to two additional adverts each month.  
The adverts will feature on the back of the newsletter and will be no less than a 1/4 of a page. We do not normally put advertising anywhere else in the newsletter.

2 When can I put my ad in?

Often in the next available issue but sometimes there is a waiting list and we will add you to it.  If you want a particular month, please let us know in good time and we will reserve a space for you.

3 What can I put in my ad?

You can design it as you want and include photos if you wish but please be aware that these are normally printed in black and white and need to be clear.   We advise giving basic details of your business, including a phone number and an email address. 

4 Can you help me design my ad?

We can also advise on size and quantity of font.  For information, the newsletter is printed in Arial but you don’t have to use that font.   If you want us to help with the design please make sure that time is built in to do this.  We can’t work miracles on 19th of the month!

5 What format should I use?

A PDF is the normal format.  This ensures that the text cannot be altered.

6 Will my ad be proof-read?

You are responsible for the text you submit so you should check it thoroughly yourself.  It will be proof-read for grammar and spelling. Any changes will be brought back to you for you to make the amendment yourself.

7 What about costs?

The cost for each advert will be £30.00. You will be billed by our treasurer after the ad is published. We would ask you to settle the invoice within 30 days of receipt.


Please do not hesitate to contact the newsletter team if you have any further questions regarding advertising in the Brookwood newsletter.