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Brookwood and Bridley Neighbourhood Forum is an initiative by residents and businesses in Brookwood and the surrounding area to have more of a say in changes that affect us.

Legislation introduced by the government under the Localism Act gives people a new found voice in local affairs.

See the BBNF website

The 2016 summary from the 2nd Questionnaire is available here
Should I get involved? If you want to have your views heard, then yes.
    What are the benefits of a Neighbourhood Plan?
  • Empower local people to take a proactive role in shaping the local area.
  • Allow local people to identify where future development should go in the area.
  • Local people can specify the form, size, type and design of new development.
  • Will provide greater certainty for developers. They will know what the local people want to see developed in the area.
  • Keep a local identity in an ever changing environment.
  • Allow more of the proceeds from the Community Infrastructure Levy which all developers must pay to be spent in the Neighbourhood area.
Download the Neighbourhood Plans Roadmap Guide
What if I don't have the time? You will still have your say at a referendum in the future.
I'm not sure I have useful skills. Neighbourhood planning requires a vast array of skills. Everyone working together will allow our community to have our say on how our area develops over time.
Want to know more?

If you would like to know or understand more, please join the Brookwood and Bridley Neighbourhood Forum Facebook Group here or look at the BBNF website here