Brookwood Village Association Brookwood Village Association

The Brookwood Village Association exists to represent the views of the residents of Brookwood and act as a focal point for village related issues...
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2009 NEW Committee - after the first meeting, the new committee is as follows:

Clare Subscriptions Secretary
Gough Secretary
Le Jeune Planning Officer
Peel Chairman
Ward Treasurer
Winn Social Secretary

Some of the things the BVA does.....

Represents the views of villagers
A collective body carries more weight with Woking Borough Council, Surrey County Council and other bodies that may want to develop, alter and change our local environment.
Examines information from the Council (and challenges bad proposals!)
The BVA pays to get advance copies of planning applications, proposals for change in local roads, paths and green belt land, local planning forums, etc. Some proposals can greatly affect our lives, amenities and property values. When these are not in the village interests, the BVA has the democratic "clout" to oppose them
Put the collective Village view to our Councillor and MP (ed 2012)
To do their jobs, they need good contact with a body aware of village views and problems. Also we need to hear news from them and discuss what they are doing for us.
Support of the local contacts with the Police
Maintaining relationships with the Police and Neighbourhood Watch to report on local crime, relevant information, emergencies etc.
Sponsors of Village activities
We support existing village activities, or can help start up new ones.

If you have any issues or questions, or can offer help, please contact the BVA.
The future of your local village association and also Brookwood rests in your hands!
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